SpiroSonic FLO

The SpiroSonic FLO is a high fidelity digital multi-path ultrasonic spirometer for pulmonary function diagnostic and monitoring designed for screening COPD and asthma.

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Technical Specifications

Spirometer (COPD and Asthma)

Volume & Flow Accuracy                                             ±3% or 50 mL/s whichever is greater

Maximum Volume                                                         ±20 L

Flow Range                                                                     ±14 L/s

Sample Rate                                                                   100Hz Data / 100MHz Digital

Flow Tube Dimensions                                                 Ø30 x 165 mm

Device Enclosure Dimensions                                    30 x 60 x 95 mm

Device Weight                                                               135 grams

Communication                                                             USB or serial (optional)

Power Supply                                                                 USB 5 V

Measurement principle                                                Ultrasonic multiple-path


  • üStandard Interfaces, easy integration to ECG, Tele-medical set-top-boxes
  • üComplete integration package with the driver, communication support DLL, and example source code available
  • üAutomatic internal calibration, (external validation with calibration pump available)
  • üEasy and efficient integration to HIS (Hospital Information Systems)
  • üSoftware upgrade option
  • üPlug & Play USB PC connection detection
  • üEasy upgrade, standard interfaces
  • üLong-term monitoring for home care use
  • üPharmaceutical testing subsystem
  • üThe inner surface of the flow tube is continuous, it can be disinfected with cold disinfecting liquid
  • üConnection to PC via USB
  • üHighly cost-efficient design, robust, durable mechanics
  • üNo moving parts, durable factory calibration


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