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Established in 2013 as a small distribution company with nothing but three staff members, a total of 4 natural products and a bucket full of determination! Guided by our values, determination and our passion for developing people have grown from strength to strength! Our product base has grown to over 10 000 different products and more than 60 employees. We pride ourselves in building strong partnerships and mutually beneficial relationships. As such we have partnered with some of the leading suppliers in the Solar, Medical, Pharmaceutical, and Healthcare industry. We have expanded our footprint internationally with branches in both South-Africa and Uganda. We offer a wide selection of Solar products and installation, medical products including: Surgical equipment, products and instruments. medical consumables, point of care products, PPE, diagnostic equipment and devices, rapid tests and natural products.
Triogen Life has a Recruitment and Training Academy that ensures all staff members are fully qualified and professionally trained to ensure each employee has the necessary skills required to achieve success within our industry.

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We Specialize in Sustainable Business:

Our clients range from the average individuals, corporate giants, SME’s Government institutions and specialists in various industries. We cater for all Sectors: Mining, Agriculture, Government, Public Services, Private House Holds, Hospitals, GP’s, Dentists, Veterinarians etc. Whatever the Need:

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