Skyla HB 1 Chemistry Analyser

The Skyla HB1 Clinical Chemistry Analyser, together with its HB1 reagent disc series, offers a quick, easy, and accurate method to measure various biochemistry and electrolyte parameters in whole blood, plasma, or serum.

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Technical Specifications

This POC Clinical Chemistry Analyser is an excellent health guardian.

Simple 3-Step Procedures

The device provides fully automatic procedures to test samples with only three steps.

  • Step1. Inject 200 μl blood sample
  • Step2. Press “START” and then insert the reagent disc
  • Step3. Read the results

Fully Automated Operations

All steps are designed automatically from checking the validity of reagent discs and cartridges to printing the results.

Colorimetric Method                     LEDs 340nm~940nm wavelength

Dimensions and Weight                233(W) x 285(D) x 300(H) mm, 5.5kg

Hardware                                          5-inch color LCD touch screen, thermal printer, USB type A socket, RS232, RJ45


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