Fluorescence Quantitive PCR Detection System

Absolute quantitative automatic analysis, relative quantification, SNP Analysis, melting curve analysis, 6 independent temperature zones, HRM multi-channel crosstalk calibration, background correction, auto gain, customized parameters. etc

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Product Name: Fluorescence Quantitative PCR Detection System

Model                                  BK-96P

Sample Capacity               96*0.2ml PCR plate, 12*8-strip tubes, 96*0.2ml single tube (Transparent Bottom)

Reaction system               5~100µ1

Dynamics Range               1~1010

Medical instrument

registration certificate     G.X.Z. 20153400273

Channel                              4

Emission Wavelength      500~800nm


  • Whole block scanning and formulated line scanning mode, 96-well double-color scanning takes only 5.5s
  • 6 channels fluorescence detection, no cross-talk between different channels.
  • Unique bottom detection, compatible with reaction volume down to 5µ1
  • New automatic hot lid, automatic open and close which is prevent reagent evaporation
  • LED excitation light source with super long service life
  • New TE module with a special technique to ensure a long service life
  • Available for a variety of scientific research and clinical applications.


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