Wondfo Blood Gas Analyser

Wondfo Blood Gas Analyser is used to measure combinations of pH, blood gas (i.e. pCO2 and pO2), electrolytes, and metabolites parameters from whole blood samples.

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Technical Specifications

Blood conservation is an important initiative in every clinical diagnostic lab or critical care facility. Therefore, a highly accurate blood gas analyser can streamline work processes and reduce errors with minimum maintenance.

  • 8“ LCD Touch Screen
  • 302x226x180mm  Weight 6.5kg
  • Test Channel: The test card holder
  • Scanner: Supports  various bar codes
  • Indicating light: Indicate the remaining power and charging
  • The battery can support for 8 hours and do 50 tests in full power condition.
  • Reagent Pack holder: Protect the reagent pack
  • Exhaust fan: Keep the temperature of the instrument within 29℃
  • Communication Interface: Ethernet, RS 232, USB, LIS

What is the exp date of the tests, reagents, and QC when stored and after opening?

  • For the tests card: the expiry date is 9 months in 2-8 degrees or 6 months in room temperature.
  • For the reagent pack: the expiry date is 6 months in 2-8 degrees and 1 month after you open it.
  • For control: the expiry date is 12 months in 2-8 degree


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