Portable Sonar Convex Probe 35-5MHs(Black & White)

The Portable Sonar Convex Probe 35-5MHz is a perfect clinical emergency and can be used in surgery rooms, community clinics, small hospitals, corporate companies, and traveling nurses. The device is easy to carry and operate and it’s available on rent or buy options.

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Doctors Specialities:

Abdominal, Emergency, Cardiac, Urology, Obstetrics / Gynaecology, Liver, Lung, Kidneys,


  • Unlimited Users
  • Free Software
  • Support Printing Reports

Software Controls:

  • GN (Gain)
  • D (Depth)
  • ENH (Enhancement)
  • F (Frequency)
  • Mode
  • BTGC
  • Biopsy
  • Annote
  • Page Left / Right
  • Page Up / Down


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