Nucleic Acid Extraction System BNP32/BNP48

Nucleic Acid Extraction System BNP32/BNP48: Nucleic acid extraction kits are used to automatically complete the extraction of sample nucleic acid, flexible, stable results, low cost, equipped with efficient filtration device and a safety gate design. It can effectively avoid cross infection and ensure the quality of nucleic acid extration.

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  • 7-inch touch screen, easy to use, fast response
  • User-defined cracking and elution temperature
  • UV disinfection function, time range 1min-24hour
  • An automatic control system, no need connects to a computer
  • Free programming to meet the needs of different reagent
  • Open system, fully automatic, stable results and good repeatability
  • Extract rapidly 15-40 minutes, 32/48 samples can be extracted at the same time


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