Lux Lipid Glucose Meter

The new Lux Lipid Meter style is for professional monitoring of lipids, Glucose, and Hemoglobins all at the same time.

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Technical Specifications

Only 45µL for the complete lipid panels,  7µL for the hemoglobin, and 0.5 µL for the glucose.

Measuring Method                         Photometric, Amperometry only for Glucose

Test Range

Total Cholesterol                            100 – 400mg/dL

Triglyceride                                      50 – 600mg/dL

HDL                                                   20 – 80mg/dL

Haemoglobin                                  5 – 25g/dL

Glucose                                            20 – 600mg/dL

Measuring Temperature               10ᵒC (50ᵒF) – 40ᵒC (104ᵒF)

Measuring Time

Lipids                                                  Within 3 minutes

Haemoglobin                                    5 seconds

Glucose                                              5 seconds

Sample Volume                                15µL Cholesterol


HDL each test

7µL Haemoglobin

45µL Lipid

3 Test

0.5µL Glucose

Type of Sample

Lipids & Haemoglobin                   Fresh Capillary Blood for Self-Monitoring & Professionals (Venous blood samples must be withdrawn by a Healthcare Professional)

Glucose                                            Fresh Capillary Blood


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