FineCare FIA Meter II Plus SE

The FineCare FIA Meter II plus is a top-class fluorescence immunoassay analyzer with a built-in thermal printer, Wifi, internet connectivity, large LCD display for testing common clinical diseases.

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Technical Specifications

Analyses common clinical diseases such as Diabetic & Renal injury Markers, Thyroid function, Fertility, Cardiac Markers, Inflammation Markers, Tumour Markers

Built-in Thermal Printer

  • Real-time auto printing
  • Support for external printer

FS 114 Dimension

  • 239mm x 278mm x 148mm
  • Weight : 3.3kg

Large Display

  • 8” LCD Capacitive touch screen Intuitive user interface

Specially designed sampler for a small volume of the specimen.

Test Reagent

  • Suitable for whole blood, serum, plasma, and urine
  • Room temperature storage
  • Get results in 3 -15 minutes

Test Device Tray

  • Multiple testing modes available
  • Unique quick mode for a large number of samples


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